Traditional Bugis Wedding

Saturday, April 23, 2016 Robert William 2 Comments

   As i said on the previous posts before, the mainly reason why i went to Makassar was to attend my cousin's wedding, and helped them, of course. It was the first time i've been involved and be a part of a wedding ceremony, which was quite exhausted but so interesting though.

   My cousin's wedding was unlike the usual wedding ceremonials, they were using Bugis tradition. FYI traditional Bugis wedding is pretty complex, groom and bride must pass through several processions before legally become husband and wife. That's why it took a lot of time of preparation to make the wedding "perfect". That's also the reason why i didn't have so many time to stroll around the town.  But it's okay, at least i could learn more about Bugis culture. 

   I won't explain you guys further about the processions here, because it would be really long to explain. And honestly it's difficult for me to explain in English. I'm just gonna put up the photos based on the wedding procession's name as my mom said to me. So if you really curious about it just go google it by yourself. Ha! Sorry.

- Ma'duppa -

-  Mappacci' -

- Akad & Marolla -

- Resepsi -

During the wedding processions, we mostly wore Bugis traditional costumes. For men, we wore Jas Tutu', Sarung Sutra, and Songko'. While for women was Baju Bodo. And it was a different color for each procession.

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  1. Wow such colorful and interesting garments. Thanks for sharing :)


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